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Romtech Construction, Inc., established only in 2001, has emerged as one of the leading waterproofing companies in the Philippines having earned an enviable reputation of providing innovative solutions to the waterproofing requirements of its diverse market.

Romtech has engaged in the waterproofing works of houses, schools, malls, churches, manufacturing plants, mid-rise and high-rise buildings, whether retrofit, old or new construction. Carrying the brand Index /Flexcoat, the company offers a wide range of waterproofing materials such as Sprayed Polyurethane Foam, Membranes, Cementitious, Sealants, Acrylic Flexible Coatings, Grouting Works, Epoxy Injection, Epoxy Floor Coatings, Tank Lining, Crystallization and Carbon Fiber.

ROMTECH Construction, Inc.

Aiming to be a top waterproofing contractor in the industry and be known as the best and most reliable waterproofing supplier and contractor, Romtech has consistently and diligently pursued the following:

  • Used products that are of top-notch quality and specifically suited for a tropical country like the Philippines. In partnership with Index of Italy, one of the top manufacturers of waterproofing products in the world, Romtech aggressively promoted the use of Atactic Polypropylene Membranes for exposed-type waterproofing works like roof decks and balconies. Prior to Romtech's trailblazing efforts, there was minimal use of membranes as what were locally available were more the SBS type suited for cold countries. With certifications from International Standards 9001 and 14001, Index Membranes are now the benchmarks by which all other brands of membranes are measured against. The use of membranes has also now extended to indoor applications like toilet and bath areas.
  • Researched and innovated on its methodology by using technologically advanced equipment (from Graco of USA) and processes in the application of its products
  • Hired and provided continuous training to highly skilled workers who have extensive experience in the construction industry who are in turn supervised by highly competent, experienced project managers/engineers.
  • Challenged the status quo to develop newer, better, value-for-money solutions, products and processes. Romtech, even as a relative newcomer to the waterproofing business then, took waterproofing works that needed out-of-the-box solutions which the other more established contractors would not touch or guarantee

A major force in the construction industry, Romtech is accredited by the Philippines Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) and is an active member of Philippines Society of Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (PSVARE), Philippines Contractors Association (PCA), and Architectural Center Club, Inc. (ACCI). Thus, it is in its partnership with top contractors, architects, engineers, consultants and spec writers in providing excellent waterproofing works to customers that Romtech has successfully taken giant steps to raise the bar in the quality of waterproofing works customers can expect and demand.

Romtech also looks ahead, aware that the future presents many challenges to building construction... from protecting the environment from further protecting man from increased pollution coming from new ensuring the integrity of the structure in the midst of worsening climate changes. And armed with an impressive line-up of new product innovations from Index, Romtech is at the forefront of the waterproofing industry in rolling out technological breakthroughs that address the exacting requirements of the building of the future.